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   "Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet."

                                                        ~ Jean-Jacques Rousseau


I warmly welcome discreet, well-mannered, mature gentlemen only, the select few who appreciate and know how to treat an alluring, classy and educated companion like a valuable gem that I am.  Come escape with me to my secret hideaway, a safe haven for you to explore and indulge in all your senses and to just “BE YOURSELF.”


Since you already know a little about ME from my website, I will also like to know a little about YOU.  Fair is fair.  Please fill out all fields of my SSL Form.  For the purpose of my safety and security, I require that I have the following facts before I can entertain the thought of extending you an invitation to meet me.  As trust is an integral part of our relationship, if I’m unable to verify you, I’m unable to see you.  


Your information is strictly for my verification purpose only.  Once screened, you will never, ever be screened by me again. Thank YOU!


As soon as you submit your request and I receive the completed form, I take great care to screen quickly and smoothly.  Be assured that your personal information will always be handled and verified with the utmost respect, privacy and kept secured and confidential.  Only those that completely fill out the form and who show genuine intent in meeting me, will receive my attention and priority.  Screening can take 24 to 48 hours, depending on the date & time of your request.  Also, please provide a minimum of 48 hours to secure a suitable appointment time with me.  This way, I will be prepared to meet you and focus 100% of my attention on YOU. 


The few high caliber suitors I select will be based on the gentlemen’s highest level of intention, our compatibility and purpose of mutual security and safety. A sweet escape awaits you…  


I sincerely look forward to meeting YOU!  



 Sensually Yours,


Classy Katsumi

Your Private Geisha

If you are more comfortable emailing me your information than filling out this form,

please send me your request to classykats[email protected].  

I will disclose a private, non-published email address for your discretion. Thank YOU.

(If you don't want to submit your info using this portal,  you can also email me a screenshot of your info,

using this form, to my above email address).



LIFE is TOO short. Make more time for  fun & play!

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